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' “If only I had purchased a system from Ecolite initially, it would have saved a lot of time and stress, not to mention loss of money! I absolutely recommend it! '

Carina Reid, Beauty Business Owner

Welcome to Ecolite

A revolution in compact IPL & Laser technology

Leading-edge compact IPL and laser systems designed with beauty therapists, spas and medical professionals in mind.

Greenton (London) has harnessed decades of expertise in developing aesthetic technologies for the medical and beauty industries to bring the world's most innovative compact IPL and laser systems to beauty professionals and their clients. By applying a unique combination of technological know-how backed by years of research in the aesthetic sector, we are able to offer the most advanced and affordable systems available in the global beauty industry.

The Ecolite V9 IPL and NEW Ecolite IR Diode Laser enable salons and skincare specialists to deliver high performance procedures in the field of hair removal and a range of other treatments to resolve a number of common skin issues including

  • The permanent removal of excessive or unwanted hair
  • Skin rejuvenation/anti-ageing,
  • Acne and scar correction
  • Thread vein removal and the treatment of Rosacea
  • Advanced Skin Resurfacing

As a leader in aesthetic IPL and laser, beauty salons, skin clinics and medical organisations worldwide are able to deliver a highly effective range of treatments to their clients and benefit commercially from the major growth and popularity in this area.

Ecolite carries the CE mark and is FDA approved to guarantee our quality and assurance.


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Lighting up Pro Beauty London



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Experience the new laser and IPL revolution!




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